Love your Aunty!

Bananas In Pyjamas in front of Parliament House

Love Your Aunty is a simple effort by one of those affected by the 2014 budget cuts and subsequent restructuring of the national broadcaster to assist colleagues pursue a bright new future. 

Need a journalist? A writer? An editor of words or audio? Need a producer or technician? Maybe a photographer, MC or voice talent! Looking for someone with digital media expertise or someone to sort your social media out? Love Your Aunty might just have that special someone you need.

Keep an eye on Love Your Aunty over the next few months as the situations of individual staff become clear.

It's free! We list, you search, then click to contact directly.

ABC people wishing to list on Love Your Aunty, click here.

Love Your Aunty.

We do. 

*LoveYourAunty is not affiliated with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation*